maandag 7 februari 2011


Consider yourself. Consider how you come to be. Imagine the great many millions of people living beside you and imagine the many more millions having lived before you, creating with their every action, word, thought and touch the very world you live in today.
Without them, what would you be? Who would you be? How could you be? You are, quite literally, the product of everyone that has ever lived and is living right now!
So everything you do, everything you create everything you will ever amount to is as much yours as it isn’t. It’s as much yours as it’s theirs and as much yours as it will be our childeren’s.
So just share.
Every spark off creativity, every flash of genius, every atom of creation you withhold from the very community that allowed you to create and be created as you are, is a crime of selfish intellect and should be punishable by abolishment, banishing, public humiliation or excommunication.
And the PirateBay is


thx. Big man.

Gary Moore

R.I.P. Genius


zondag 6 februari 2011

His name

is Robert Paulson.


Homo Homini Lupus.

Wikipedia calls it a quote. I call it nature. It IS nature. Look at the situation in Egypt right now. Look at our economy. We prey upon eachother. We most certainly do. Man is inherently selfish. WE ARE SELFISH. I dare anyone to prove me wrong. Look at Africa. Look at Israel. Our world, and our civilization is built on selfishness.

The question is: Are we wrong?


Life. It starts. It ends. When? Where?

Be someone-or not. Make something-break it.

Where are we going? When do we stop?

Life. Questions need answers.